Jane is a passionate advocate for her clients, whether in the Court room or otherwise.

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P. 04 472 7284
M. 021 682962
E. jane@darrochforrest.co.nz

Alistair’s strength is in the strategy he brings to dispute resolution.

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M. 021 2454455
E. alistair@darrochforrest.co.nz

Ellie is at her best when advocating for her clients – her strength is in relationships.

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M. 021 304 453
E. ellie@darrochforrest.co.nz

Lauren is an experienced advocate, her strengths are relating to clients from all sorts of backgrounds and quickly identifying key issues in a dispute.

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M. 021 572 969
E. lauren@darrochforrest.co.nz

Ben is an experienced insurance lawyer and civil litigator having worked in NZ and London for over 10 years.

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M. 022 459 1751
E. ben@darrochforrest.co.nz

Zoe values the speedy, efficient resolution of disputes and specialises in insurance law.

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Bridget is drawn to the people-focused aspects of law and enjoys helping people in what can be a difficult time of their lives.

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E. bridget@darrochforrest.co.nz

Sara was drawn to a career in the law from her interest in politics and social justice.

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E. sara@darrochforrest.co.nz

Chanelle is our office manager, her days are filled with keeping the office running smoothly and ensuring its inhabitants are happy.

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M. 021 059 4954
E. chanelle@darrochforrest.co.nz

Harry started his career as a professional buddy (to our then law clerks) when we moved to Jessie St in May 2017.

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P. 04 974 8905