We are specialists in dispute resolution.

We know that being involved in a dispute is not where anyone wants to be. But disputes do happen, and they can be complex and difficult to resolve. We help resolve disputes at the best possible opportunity. That requires us to assess the issues and all available strategies at an early stage without unnecessary “lawyering”.  

We believe that resolving disputes requires more than just an understanding of the law and legal processes. It also requires an appreciation for your needs and the wider context – the commercial landscape and realities, the industry, and the people involved. We look at all of these aspects, at an early stage.

We often resolve disputes through negotiations or at mediations. We find this approach generally leads to better outcomes for all parties and can be a much more cost effective option.

But sometimes, disputes do need to have their day in court. When this happens, we use our litigation skills gained in Court and in various disciplinary tribunals and judicial forums. We advocate for you to ensure your dispute is presented to the decision maker in the best possible way.

All in, we have got you covered.

Commercial Litigation

How we help:

Our lawyers are familiar with all types of civil litigation and are experienced in all of the Courts and Tribunals which deal with disputes. We deal with a wide range of matters, from small hard to solve problems to much larger litigation involving substantial commercial entities. We have the team and resources to deal with all matters on a case by case basis, providing effective outcomes to our clients no matter their background or the subject matter of their dispute.

Our work:

We provide advice and representation to businesses from sole trader to listed corporate. Our work encompasses matters from straightforward contractual disputes through to novel multiparty negligence claims.  Where necessary, we are able to access a wide variety of experts and senior counsel such as KC’s. We also draw on our own experience including in criminal and regulatory practice to provide pragmatic analysis of evidence and in submissions to the Court or decision maker.

We have experience in complicated and high value recovery claims and also in plaintiff claims at all levels.


How we help:

We know that it is confronting for professionals and businesses to have their work and reputation questioned, and that being involved in any type of claim can be stressful. Our aim is to support you fully during this time. We aim to resolve the claim as smoothly and efficiently as possible to ensure that your focus can remain on your day-to-day business.

The claims that insurers are asked to respond to can be complex. They are not always covered under a policy, but this may not be straight forward. We have extensive experience in advising insurers on coverage issues and defending coverage disputes.

Our work:

We act for several prominent NZ insurers, with a particular focus on professional indemnity and statutory liability claims. We are regularly instructed on claims across these insurance areas:

  • Professional indemnity
  • Statutory liability
  • General liability
  • Public liability
  • Construction risks
  • First party property
  • Coverage disputes

These claims have allowed us to gain experience across a wide range of professional areas: lawyers, accountants, engineers, architects, surveyors, valuers, brokers and real estate agents. Being Wellington based, we also represent government departments and other public bodies, including councils and infrastructure providers. 

Health and Safety prosecutions

Health and safety prosecutions have increased markedly with a large of number of serious WorkSafe investigations. We have dealt with over 200 investigations and more than 50 fatal accidents.

Accidents in the workplace are very difficult to manage and bring pressure to bear on all those involved. It is important to deal with the consequences quickly and with respect and integrity. Often Worksafe will begin their investigation immediately and those involved need support and guidance. This is a key part of our work – at the outset and then as the investigation continues.


How we help:

Employment law requires a strong focus on problem-solving, working within well-established statutory rights for employers and employees.  Decisions can be hard to get right about whether an employer is acting fairly and reasonably. We help ensure outcomes are robust, and we are not afraid to make the difficult calls when required.

These issues can be stressful, time-consuming and costly. We can assist you by providing strategies for achieving pragmatic results, based on our considerable experience in this area. Where necessary, we provide representation, including in mediation, the Employment Relations Authority and the Employment Court. We understand that these matters can often involve urgency and hard deadlines – we work within those to support our clients.

Our work:

We act for employers and employees involved in disputes, as well as providing wider strategic advice to businesses on all aspects of employment law, privacy, and health and safety.

Our team has experience in conducting independent employment investigations, including in bullying, sexual harassment, and complicated matters involving criminal allegations.  

We appear on urgent matters where injunctions are required or are being defended, and understand the interplay between what matters are best dealt with by the Civil Courts and those by the specialist Employment jurisdiction.

Health and Safety

How we help:

In addition to our experience in providing legal defence and assistance in WorkSafe investigations and prosecutions, we also provide strategy and advice on health and safety compliance, drawing from our practical experience in the Courts.

Our work:

We provide advice to businesses on their obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 and associated regulations, as well as issues relating to the interplay between health and safety and employment. We can facilitate the right experts to assist your business where necessary, and help ensure businesses meet what can often be unclear or uncertain obligations.

Health / Medical Law

How we help:

Healthcare is a deeply personal issue. We all regularly place our trust in health professionals to get it right when it matters. But sometimes it goes wrong. Emotions can run high, and a careful hand is needed to make sure the correct issues are identified, and appropriate action is then taken.

Our role here is to smooth the waters . We do this by taking a pragmatic, evidence-based approach in order to tackle issues as they arise. And where early resolution is not possible, we will be there to support you through each step of the process and ensure your voice, whether patient or practitioner, is properly heard.

Our work:

Our work in this area includes:

  • Professional disciplinary processes
  • Complaints / Investigations
  • Tribunal hearings
  • Privacy disputes
  • Coronial inquests
  • ACC related issues and investigations
  • Civil claims 
  • Veterinary claims