Our Approach

To err is human.

Things can go wrong for any number of reasons. Our role is to work with our clients to identify the extent of an error (if any) and then figure out how to resolve the consequences.

We are immersed in the law. It is the language we speak and the river we swim in each day. However, our approach is on the people involved in our work. The cases we appear in and precedents we create are important, but the relationships we have with our clients, the Courts and Tribunals, our colleagues, and the others we meet along the way are much more valuable.

Focus – we identify the key facts and legal principles which will affect the outcome of any dispute. Then we work with our clients on the human factors involved in the dispute. This is an essential part for any successful resolution.

Connection – the people we work with are key to our success. We spend time to make sure we understand the people and relationships involved in our work.

Integrity – we strive to ensure that we act with honesty and humility. It is fundamental to our practice.